1. Great updated video. I have a Survival Still already, and feel comfortable about any survival situation knowing that one of the most important things needed for life, water, is just a few hours from being a reality!

  2. Frank Vazquez

    I worry that people who do not have a full understanding of the processes of filtering, purifying, pasteurization and distillation may not completely clean any collected source of water they might gather.

    It’s nice to see somebody basically point out that fresh rain water is good to wash with, but not the same as distilled water that is better or safer to drink. We all need to be aware of the difference between clean and completely sterile.

  3. Barb Holli

    Appreciated the additional info about things you might not have thought about before it would be needed ! Thanks for all your efforts to help keep us “healthy” and well. Love my”little” distiller. Hugs ! from a GG Grandma.

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