Why Be Prepared?

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Why is it a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected?

It’s my belief that, for the sake of your family, you should be prepared for the unexpected. Not out of fear, but out of an awareness that the systems that we all take for granted could fail.

We live in an extremely fine-tuned, specialized and interconnected world. This is our strength and our weakness. Here’s what I mean…

FINE-TUNED: Businesses have become extremely efficient. It doesn’t make sense for themsurvival still to keep a lot of inventory. You’ve heard of “just-in-time” inventory? Grocery stores, for example, don’t keep much inventory on hand. For the most part, what you see on the shelves is what they have. The computers simply have the products delivered at the exact time it’s needed. This is great for the grocery store’s profitability, but if there is a problem that prevents the trucks from delivering the food, the shelves will go bare in a day or two. So what could prevent trucks from delivering the food? A cyber-attack on computer systems, a black out, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster, interruption to gasoline supplies, civil disruption, war, terrorism, and countless other events.

emergency waterSPECIALIZED: Do you have a garden? Do you own chickens? Are you able to cut your own wood and heat your house if the power goes out? No? Don’t feel bad. In our modern world, it’s extremely inefficient to spend your time on the basics of living. Instead, we each have specialized skills and we simply buy the basics of life. By specializing, we are able to earn much more money and have an easier (but not necessarily better) life. This specialization comes at a cost though. We have become COMPLETELY dependent upon the systems that provide us with the basics of life. This is why it’s estimated that more than 90% of people in the US could die if there was a massive, long-term power outage. We simply don’t have the skills to survive without our support systems.

Lights out Ted KoppelINTERCONNECTED: It’s absolutely amazing how interconnected the world is now. If it’s winter in Minneapolis, no problem, just go to the grocery store and buy blueberries from Chile. A shark attack happens in Australia? You could learn about it before it’s even reported on the news. Flip your light switch, and the electricity lighting your bulb came from a coal from a mine in Wyoming, that was transported by train to a power plant in Nebraska and the electricity traveled to your house in thousands of miles of high-voltage power lines. Another way we are connected though is by emergency response. If a tornado hits an Oklahoma town, emergency response comes immediately from all of the surrounding towns and States. But if, for example, a massive power outage were to take out half of the USA, it would be extremely difficult for the rest of the USA to help the affected areas.

ON TOP OF THESE THREE POINTS, consider the current state of the world. Our world is over stressed in every way. You feel it. I think everyone feels it. It’s like rubber bands that are stretched to their limit, about to snap.

  • North Korea is a very dangerous situation. It’s on the brink, and everyone acknowledges that we are dealing with a crazy person – a crazy person who has nukes.preparedness
  • Our tensions with Russia are at an all-time high. Some consider us closer to a major direct conflict with them than even during the Cold War.
  • The US military has been spread way too thin and it’s been trying to do way too much. Our people are tired, our equipment is getting old, and our commitments and entanglements are increasing.
  • The USA is so deep in the debt hole that there is no coming out of it. A collapse of the dollar seems imminent.
  • And on a personal level, people are in debt and struggling to make ends meet.

Like I said, tensions are very high. Rubber bands are stretched to the breaking point. And something could happen.

Again, I’m not encouraging fear, just awareness. We live in an amazing world, but it’s a fragile and tense world. It makes sense to be prepared if something were to happen.survival water distiller

The next question is, “How Prepared Should I Be?”. That will be my next article, but for now, take care of the basics; water, shelter, self-protection and food.

One of the most important things is water. We completely take water safety for granted, but if our water system fails, due to a cyber-attack or massive black out, your water can quickly become dangerously contaminated. The Survival Still is the number one product you should own in order to be prepared for an emergency.

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