Patent Pending: An emergency drinking water system so effective that you can even turn ocean water into high-purity drinking water, forever!

An emergency can happen at any time. Are you ready?

Why does my family need a Survival Still?

During an emergency, such as a hurricane, earthquake or even a cyber-attack, water supplies can become dangerously contaminated for weeks or even months. Your family can only survive for a few days without a supply of safe drinking water.

Children, babies and the elderly are the most vulnerable to contaminated drinking water, but healthy adults need to protect themselves too. If you consume unsafe water you can quickly become seriously ill and not be able to protect your family when they need it the most.

Nothing makes you appreciate the vital importance of safe drinking water like an emergency. Bottled water is the first thing to fly off store shelves. Panic sets in. If you haven’t planned ahead, securing a safe supply of drinking water quickly becomes your top priority.

The threat is real.

We repeatedly receive reminders that threats are real and can happen without warning. How can we ignore the recent warnings of Hurricane Sandy and the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster?

Hurricanes cause flooding, power outages, broken infrastructure and contaminated drinking water supplies for weeks or months. A massive earthquake on the West Coast could shatter infrastructure and leave millions without a supply of safe drinking water for a long time.

You don’t know when or where an emergency will strike. In 2003, a high voltage line in Ohio brushed against some trees and caused a massive power outage throughout the whole Northeast. Over 50 million people were without power for 2 days. Water treatment plants shut down and contaminated drinking water supplies with raw sewage. In some places, this problem lasted for weeks.

Experts agree that an Electro-Magnetic Pulse could seriously damage our electrical grid.

World events are heating up.

The need to prepare goes beyond natural disasters. The White House has repeatedly warned of the threat of terrorism against our water supplies. Today, however, even more serious threats are possible.

North Korea now has nuclear warheads and long-range missiles capable of reaching our West Coast. If we attack Iran (which seems more likely every day) they have threatened to respond with a massive cyber-attack or an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), which could critically damage our electric grid. If our electrical grid goes down everything else goes down too, including water treatment plants.

You are responsible.

Despite repeated warnings, the vast majority of people don’t adequately plan ahead for emergencies. They are surprised that bottled water is the first to fly off stores shelves, even though this is what happens in every emergency.

If you don’t prepare, you are relying upon the government to take care of you. The government, however, could have millions of people relying on them, and you become one of the masses. In a disaster, roads and infrastructure can be destroyed, making emergency response a very difficult task.

You are responsible for the safety of your family during a crisis. The only way to truly protect your family is to prepare BEFORE a disaster strikes.