Why Be Prepared?

  Why is it a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected? It’s my belief that, for the sake of your family, you should be prepared for the unexpected. Not out of fear, but out of an awareness that the systems that we all take for granted could fail. We live in an extremely fine-tuned, specialized and interconnected world. This is our strength and our weakness. Here’s what I mean… FINE-TUNED: Businesses have become extremely efficient. It doesn’t make sense for them to keep a lot of inventory. You’ve heard of “just-in-time” inventory? Grocery stores, for example, don’t keep much inventory on hand. For the most part, what you see on the shelves is what they have. The computers simply have the products delivered at the exact time it’s needed. This is great for the grocery store’s profitability, but if there is a problem that prevents the trucks from delivering the food, the shelves will go bare in a day or two. So what could prevent trucks from delivering the food? A cyber-attack on computer systems, a black out, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster, interruption to gasoline supplies, civil disruption, war, terrorism, and countless other events. SPECIALIZED: Do
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