NOVA Documentary: Poisoned Water

There is a great new NOVA documentary called Poisoned Water. I strongly recommend it. It outlines the Flint, MI water crisis, and the real state of water contamination in the USA. You can see it here. I want to point out a few things regarding the documentary… FIRST, years ago when I worked for my father’s company, we spent a lot of time trying to convince school systems of the need to have water distillers to protect their children from lead and other contaminants in the water. A number of schools knew they had high levels of lead in the water, but they really didn’t seem to care. Their solution: have the custodians go to school early and flush out the lines. In other words, just run the water down the drain for a few minutes before letting the kids drink it. Yes, it’s ridiculous. Another disturbing thing was that often the teacher’s lounge had bottled water or a treatment system so they could drink good water, but the kids just had to drink the water from the drinking fountains. SECOND, over the years I’ve noticed the knee-jerk reaction that government officials go to when faced with a problem. Deny.
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