A Note About Online Privacy and Security

(See our Holiday Special, which is about online security) Today I wanted to write a different kind of post. It has nothing to do with my usual subjects of drinking water, health and preparedness, but rather I want to talk about one of my recent obsessions; internet privacy and security. I don’t claim to be an expert in this regard, but I have studied this subject like a fanatic lately and I have learned a lot of things. I want to tell you what I have learned, some tools that I have found, and give you resources for learning more about this issue. FIRST, let’s talk about why you need to care about internet privacy and security. Basically, the internet is broken. It’s full of holes, and your information is out there. I just learned that my information was compromised by the recent Equifax hack, and your information was probably stolen too (you can check here). I never gave my information to Equifax. I’ve never worked with them, but they had all of my information, including my social security number. Now someone else has my information. Also, just today Yahoo.com revealed that they were hacked and the thieves got away
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