Water and Your Child’s Health

  Today I want to talk about the single most important issue when it comes to water purity; children’s health. I think you will agree that there is nothing more important than protecting your child from potentially dangerous toxins. One way that some children ingest toxins is simply by consuming city water because many water systems across the country have been found to contain harmful chemicals. Unfortunately it’s very hard to get accurate information, so hopefully this article will help you. WHY ARE CHILDREN MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO TOXINS? While it’s important for people of all ages to avoid chemicals, it’s especially important for infants and children. The fact is that children and infants are more susceptible to harmful contaminants that could be found in tap water. Here’s why… GREATER EXPOSURE: Infants and children consume more than twice as much water for their size as adults do, which means that their exposure to contaminants in water is considerably greater. LOWER BODY MASS: Children and infants have a much lower body mass, which means that toxins build up in their bodies faster. UNDEVELOPED IMMUNE SYSTEM: Children’s immune systems are not as developed as adults so they don’t have strong defenses against contaminants.
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