Patent Pending: An emergency drinking water system so effective that you can even turn ocean water into high-purity drinking water, forever!

What is the Survival Still?

The Survival Still is the most effective emergency drinking water system on the planet. The Survival Still is a heavy duty, stainless steel water distiller that is so effective that you can even turn ocean water into high-purity, sterile water, forever.

The Survival Still…

• Permanently supplies high-purity, sterile drinking water.
• Extremely effective against all types of contaminants.
• Kills and removes bacteria, viruses and parasites.
• Is a permanent solution for purifying sea water.
• Does not need filters, maintenance, infrastructure or a supply chain.
• Distillation is recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross!

The Survival Still is so effective that you can turn ocean water into high-purity, sterile drinking water, forever.

The power of distillation.

The Survival Still uses the process of distillation. Distillation duplicates nature’s process for purifying water.

Nature purifies water through the three-step process of 1) evaporation, 2) condensation and 3) precipitation. Here’s how…

When water evaporates it let’s go of the contaminants that it’s holding onto. The contaminants stay behind while the vapor is pure. The pure vapor then rises and condenses into clouds. The clouds move inland and release the water as rain. Rain is very pure water and is the source of all fresh water on the planet, from lakes, rivers, streams and even aquifers.

In the same way, distillation produces high-purity water without the need for filters.

The Red Cross recommends distillation.

There are many different technologies for cleaning water, but not all technologies should be used during an emergency situation.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross have published a document that instructs people how to treat water during an emergency. They recommend distillation as the preferred method. Filters of any kind are NOT recommended.

How does it work?

The Survival Still is designed to be used in conjunction with standard cooking pots that you have in your home. Here’s how it works…

Fill a standard soup pot with about a gallon of water and put it on a heat source such as a propane grill. Bringing the water to a boil kills bacteria and parasites. Contaminants are left behind, while the pure steam rises and is captured by the Survival Still.

The Survival Still sits on top of the bottom pot. Another pot of water sits on top of the Survival Still, for the purpose of cooling the steam back into liquid water. Droplets of pure distilled water then drip down and they flow into a storage container.