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Glenn-picHi, my name is Glenn Meder and I’m the inventor of the Survival Still. The Survival Still is the result of my lifelong work of trying to educate people about water quality and the vital importance of drinking only the cleanest water possible.

I have known for a very long time that a well-designed, non-electric water distiller could save many people’s lives, in both first world countries and the poorer countries of the world. Over the years I have designed countless non-electric water distillers with the goal of introducing the ultimate solution. My guess is that I have designed well over 60 such distillers.

I invite you to look at a non-profit company I created called www.PureWaterRevolution.org to promote the use of distillation in third-world countries. You will also see a previous version of the Survival Still.

One day I had an epiphany. The perfect design popped into my head. I know there is no such thing as a perfect design, but I believe that this design is the closest thing to it. The design was simple (which is a very difficult thing to accomplish), effective, small, and fairly low cost.

For all of my adult life I have worked at my family’s business; Pure & Secure, LLC. Pure & Secure manufactures water distillers, which are premium appliances that provide families and businesses with the purest drinking water (see the company at www.MyPureWater.com). In fact, my family’s business is the leading manufacturer of premium water distillers in the world. While that statement makes it sound like a big company, it is in fact a small, specialty manufacturer. Pure & Secure exists in a tiny sliver of the water treatment market; a market almost completely dominated by filters.

Pure & Secure’s customers include large multinational corporations from Boeing and Raytheon, to oil companies, universities, laboratories, dentists, doctors and many families around the world. Many US Embassies use Pure Water products to protect their employees from harsh water conditions and potential terror threats on the water supply.

In my many years at Pure & Secure, I have traveled extensively throughout South America and Asia educating people about water and the process of distillation. I have written numerous articles on water purity and distillation on the blog www.Watercology.com. I have also been trained by some fantastic people, including my father who is the author of the Water Quality Association, Distillation Study Guide. This book is the official book that water treatment specialists around the world must study in order to become certified as a water distillation specialist.

My Goal:
My goal for the Survival Still is to have one in every home in the US and other developed nations for emergency situations. I also want to work with businesspersons in other countries to bring the Survival Still to the families of the world.


  1. MG

    I live in So. America & would like to know much the Complete Survival Still Webinar Package weighs, as I would like to have my daughter in the U.S. send me one. Thanks – for the webinar & all you do & share!

  2. jackie lemke

    I received my still the other day. My grand sons and I took dirty water off the top of the pool, strained it and distilled it into great tasting drinking water. The boys had fun, learned a lot and now we have another way to make clean fresh water. Thank you so much. Until I took your webinar I had no idea that just boiling,filtering or treating water with chemicals could make it still unusable, I also had no idea that it could be made usable so easily. Thank you.

  3. Christi Gonshorowski

    Informative and life saving info that you have shared with us on the webinar- thank you for dedicating so many years to something so relevant and necessary. I sincerely appreciate the reminder of knowledge and being prepared. Versatile machine- looking forward to getting one.
    Thank you Glenn

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