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NOVA Flint MI Water

There is a great new NOVA documentary called Poisoned Water. I strongly recommend it. It outlines the Flint, MI water crisis, and the real state of water contamination in the USA. You can see it here.

I want to point out a few things regarding the documentary…

FIRST, years ago when I worked for my father’s company, we spent a lot of time trying to convince school systems of the need to have water distillers to protect their children from lead and other contaminants in the water. A number of schools knew they had high levels of lead in the water, but they really didn’t seem to care. Their solution: have the custodians go to school early and flush out the lines. In other words, just run the water down the drain for a few minutes before letting the kids drink it. Yes, it’s ridiculous. Another disturbing thing was that often the teacher’s lounge had bottled water or a treatment system so they could drink good water, but the kids just had to drink the water from the drinking fountains.

Government coverup

The Mayor of Flint, MI went on morning TV to demonstrate himself drinking the tap water.

SECOND, over the years I’ve noticed the knee-jerk reaction that government officials go to when faced with a problem. Deny. Not just deny, but they go to ridiculous levels to deny the situation. At the 25 minute mark in the video, you will see this in action. But this happens all the time, and it’s not just the USA. When the nuclear reactor in Fukushima Japan blew up in 2011 after the massive earthquake and tsunami, the government went all out to say that everything was fine and that nothing was wrong, even though nuclear experts were on CNN showing pictures showing that the building wasn’t even there anymore! The government officials then went to the area and were seen drinking the water (which the Flint, MI officials also did), even though the water was terribly contaminated. This is not always how events are handled, but it’s surprising how often this happens. My conclusion is that what government officials fear most is a panicked public, and they will do almost anything to prevent panic.

THIRD, the documentary overlooks a couple very important points. 1) They talk about the government providing filters to people to remove the lead. Filters are not very good at removing lead, and indeed they had a lot of problems with the filters they handed out. By far, a better option is distillation, but it’s never mentioned. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it works. You can count on it to provide the highest level of protection against lead and other contaminants. 2) Ripping out all the pipes is actually a ridiculously expensive solution when you consider that only 2% of water that flows through the pipes is consumed. By far, the most efficient solution would be to put a reliable water treatment system in each person’s home to purify only the water that is used for consumption.

FOURTH, the main point that I want you to think about is, “Who is responsible for the health and safety of your family?”. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your family’s health and safety. Yes, the government should provide an acceptable level of safety of drinking water, but in reality they are restrained by economics, political will, and the realities of this physical world. The government will NEVER be able to protect your family to your standards. You can get in a tizzy about this. You can protest this point, call foul, but it won’t change the facts, ever. You need to protect your family.

FIFTH, while this documentary is about lead in the water, it could very well have been done about pesticides, PCBs or countless other chemicals. I suggest that you review my article titled, “Ask Glenn Meder: Should I Drink Distilled Water Every Day?

I recommend the AquaNui Brand of water distillers, which are made by my father’s business. Before I launched the Survival Still and started my own company, I worked with my father for over 20 years. I know that they are the best distillers on the market and that they are made in the USA by an ethical, fantastic company. I think you will find them to be quite reasonably priced, and surprisingly, even the larger automatic systems are priced lower than a professionally designed filter system.

I personally use and recommend the larger size systems, and I recommend getting a pump with the system so that you can have the water delivered directly to a separate faucet on your sink. An important thing to understand is that it’s not just about drinking pure water, but rather, everything that you CONSUME should be pure. This means that soups, coffee, tea, pasta, rice, protein drinks, and especially baby formula should be made with pure water, which is why I recommend the larger sizes.

If you want to talk to someone about the AquaNui products, call the company at 402-467-9300, extension 327 and talk to Courtney Meder (my sister) who will be able to explain anything about the products and can help you choose the right option.

I am thankful that I am in the position to educate you on water contamination and steps that you can take to protect your family. If you are interested in learning more about my family’s products, please click here. Also, if you are going to purchase a product, use the coupon code 327417 in order to get a discount on your purchase.

I hope this helps you.

Glenn Meder


  1. Edward

    Salem Oregon poisons water with Fluoride, and it won’t remove it even after many requests to do so.

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