How To Help Others During an Emergency Without Putting Yourself at Risk

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TODAY I WANT TO address an important concern that many people have; “In an emergency, how do we help other people without putting ourselves at risk? I want to help my neighbors and my friends, but if I give them my stored water or other supplies, which I worked hard to save up, I could blow through my 30-day supply in a matter of a day or two. These are people I know and I care about, so I can’t just turn them away. Even the ones that I don’t know are good people in need. What to do?”

I think this is one of the most overlooked aspects of being prepared. Yes, you can prepare yourself and your family, but the vast majority of people have not prepared, nor have they ever even thought about the need for being prepared.  Let’s be honest. You don’t want to turn away your neighbors, your friends, your family, your business associates, and their young children and elderly relatives. We are hard-wired to help each other. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s what makes our society strong.

And if helping others is not compelling enough, consider that your family will be much safer if you are surrounded by people who are healthy. Everyone has different skills, and the people you help can in turn help you. A strong neighborhood is a deterrent to looting and chaos. And after the emergency is over, people will remember who helped them.

Red Cross RecommendationsAt the same time, it would be unwise for you to simply give away your bottled water, because you would quickly find yourself in the same desperate situation. Three hundred, half-liter bottles of water may last your family a month, but if you hand them out to everyone in need they could be gone in a single day. So, what to do?

I hate to go back to such a cliché phrase but this sums it up perfectly, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

The answer is KNOWLEDGE. You need to educate people on how to provide their family with safe drinking water. One of the overlooked products that we offer is our laminated survival guide called, “How to Treat Water In An Emergency.”

When a disaster strikes, having a supply of safe drinking water will become your top priority.

Emergency Water 101This survival guide walks someone to the steps to purifying water from any source according to Red Cross recommendations for treating water in an emergency. It’s a hugely valuable tool because in an emergency your power may be out and your internet may be down. This means that you need the information at your fingertips. Since it’s laminated, you can store it away and rest assured that it will still be in good condition even if it gets wet.

The reason that KNOWLEDGE is so important, is that each person that you share this knowledge with can then educate other people. Each person will not only be able to protect his or her own family, but friends, loved ones and neighbors. So, by sharing knowledge, you can have a huge impact on your community.

How many of these survival guides should you have?

5-10 FOR YOUR FAMILY. One in each car, in your preparedness supplies and in each bug-out bag.

5-20+ FOR YOUR LOVED ONES. Give one or more to your friends and loved ones.

40-50 FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS AND PEOPLE IN NEED. After a disaster strikes, you need to be able to give people the means to protect themselves without putting their own family at risk.

100+ FOR YOUR CHURCH. By giving the people in your church the knowledge they need, your church can be a center of giving and support for your community.







  1. Michael Mckee

    The survival still is the be-all end-all answer to safe drinking water..I became a prepper not long ago and realized above all other things safe drinking water is the first thing I need to be sure I can access..with the survival still i will never need to worry about safe drinking water again.

  2. Chuck

    I have already formulated my plan on how to provide water for my waterless neighbors. The day of the free lunch will end at TEOTW. Handouts will be a thing of the distant past. You need water? Well, there is a huge ocean only a couple of miles from our neighborhood. The neighbor who is out of water can trot down to the ocean and bring back 5 gallons of salt water to receive 1 gallon distilled water. He will also need to bring back 5 1-gallon bottles of small, dry wood twigs and branches in order to receive that gallon water. Distilled water needs two items, water and heat. I plan to use wood burning rocket stoves to provide the heat. Unless we can locate a source of fresh water here in SoCal, it’s going to be the ocean. I will be busy running the distillery and won’t have time to go schlepping after salt water to distill and wood to heat it to temperature, so my waterless neighbors will be the source of the salt water and wood. Don’t feel like trotting down to the ocean to get water and gathering wood on the way back. Okay, but don’t come mooching around to get freebies because there is no such thing. Children are crying because they are thirsty? Well, that means you’d better trot faster down and back and full measures of water and wood too. Half empty jugs of either will get you sent back to gather full measures and delay getting water for your family. Tough? Well, yeah, but TEOTW is going to mean you are going to have to put on your big boy pants and step up to the job. No whining and sucking your thumb and wishing things were different.

  3. Loa

    I enjoyed your presentation on the HomeGrown Food summit today so much that I just ordered the Survival Still. I feel so much better prepared now….or will as soon as the Still arrives! I LOVE Chuck’s comment above. It has given me the perfect answer I was seeking regarding my unprepared neighbors! Whoooeee! There is a spring only about 1.5 miles from my house and my neighbors can go there for the 5 gallons! Wood isn’t a problem here…they can pick up twigs and branches for my rocket stoves anywhere around the neighborhood. Thanks, Chuck, for the idea…and thanks Glenn for your presentation. It was marvelous!

  4. Joe Pinilla

    I already own the Survival Still. How can I gain access to “Storing Water For An Emergency” course and ebook. Please advise. Thank you. JP

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