A Clarification of My Position on Bottled Water

One of my core recommendations for being prepared for a water emergency is to have an adequate supply of bottled water on hand. Bottled water is very important, for reasons I will share. But every time I recommend bottled water I inevitably get some people who respond and proclaim that bottled water is the devil and I must be getting money from the bottled water industry for promoting them. I also hear from people who don’t like their water coming in contact with plastic, and there are other people who complain about the brands that I recommend. I want to set the record straight and cut through any issues you may have with bottled water. And also, before we go any further I want to say that no, I don’t receive any money from the bottled water industry. So with that out of the way, here’s what you need to know. WHAT DO I RECOMMEND? In brief, I recommend that you store one gallon per day per person for at least fifteen days. I recommend the small, half-liter plastic bottles and my preference is AquaFina brand. To see my specific recommendations, go here. WHY DO I RECOMMEND BOTTLED WATER? Bottled
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