LEAD IS IN THE NEWS AGAIN… This time the news is coming in from Flint, Michigan where lead tests in young children (and others) shows elevated blood-lead levels. Lead in drinking water (and food) has been associated with a wide variety of mental as well as physical disorders. The extent of the physiological damage depends on the actual blood-lead level and the individual’s susceptibility. The immediate crisis in the municipal water supply of Flint appears to be caused when the water municipality switched from Detroit water to the Flint river a couple of years ago, as a money saving effort. The water from the Flint river is much more corrosive than the Detroit water supply which come directly from Lake Huron. This led to unforeseen health consequences which the citizens of Flint are suffering today. The EPA has set the level of concern and action for lead in consumable water at 5 parts per billion. The lead level in the Detroit water is 2.3 ppb. The lead level in Flint’s water when they were getting it from the Flint river was 27 ppb…more than 5 tmes the level of concern. Every neighborhood in Flint experienced higher levels of lead
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