Renowned Physicist Michio Kaku on the Fukishima Disaster

When I look for a true expert to weigh in on major events of the world, such as the Japanese Fukishima Disaster, I look to renowned physicist Michio Kaku. In this post I have compiled some different videos, and one audio recording of Michio Kaku. This is fascinating stuff and it gives a very clear insight into what actually happened in the Fukishima disaster, and what it means to the world. First, on June 21st of 2011, Michio Kaku tells us that the Japanese Government lied to us.   Second, the most dramatic statement was how the Northern part of Japan actually came close to blowing up! Third, another even more detailed look at it. Fourth, a radio interview. Fifth, how the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Reactor in Nebraska almost became a slow-motion Fukishima.  
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