An emergency drinking water system so effective that you can even turn ocean water into high-purity drinking water, forever!
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The Survival Still is a new emergency water purifier that is so effective it can even turn ocean water into high-purity drinking water, forever!

The Survival Still is a non-electric water distiller that purifies water by boiling the water and collecting only the pure steam (a process called distillation). The result; consistently pure water from virtually any water source, without the use of filters. If you’re in an emergency, you can purify water from your swimming pool, a stream or even the ocean, for as long as is needed.

"So, how does the Survival Still compare?


Survival Still®

All Filters

Meets Red Cross Recommendations

FEMA, the Red Cross and the AWWA recommend the process of distillation for treating water in an emergency situation.

Converts Ocean Water into High Purity Water

The Survival Still is a permanent desalination system!

Fail Safe Protection

Unlike filters, the Survival Still has a permanent air gap that separates the raw water from the purified water.

Kills AND Removes Bacteria and Viruses, Forever!

For the life if the system, the Survival Still provides unparalleled protection against biological contaminants!

Lifetime Warranty!

The Survival Still has a Lifetime Warranty and could last for decades with proper care.

Lifetime Performance Guarantee!

We guarantee that the Survival Still will produce high purity distilled water for the life of the machine with NO deterioration in performance over time!

Made in the USA!

The Survival Still was designed in the USA, and is made in the USA with USA-made stainless steel.

Effective on Radioactive Contaminants, Forever!

The Survival Still is extremely effective at removing radioactive metals, such as Uranium and Cesium, for the life of the product.

Effective on Toxic Metals, Forever.

The Survival Still is extremely effective on removing toxic metals, such as arsenic and fluoride, for the life of the machine.

Excellent Value!

The Survival Still offers the best, life-saving protection at a reasonable price.

Only $279

$139 to $399

"There simply is NO comparison!

"Hi, my name is Glenn Meder. I designed the Survival Still to save your family's life, but it only works if you own one BEFORE an emergency happens."

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